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Owyhee Blue Opal with labradorite cluster gemstone earrings

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The name OWYHEE (pronounce as Oh-Wah-Hee) Opal relates to the location where they are found, near the Sacred Indian Springs in Owyhee Oregon.

Among all Opal types, Owyhee Opal is regarded as the rarest form. As a random crystalline stone, Owyhee Opal is a form of sedimentary rock that is relatively found in the low temperatures. Owyhee Opal is high in the silica and the water content. It is too composed of oxygen and hydrogen, thus known to prone to the heat and the acidic environment.
Their color varies from a translucent lavender blue to a lovely medium blue color.
Many stones have white mixed through which is the color of the matrix stones that the blue opal forms in.
Once the stones are taken from the ground their color changes from an opaque blue to a lighter color, and this is caused by them drying out over time, as the water within them evaporates in the air.
Tumbled stones keep their deeper color to a degree, and you can see the color difference in many of my stones, as once they are tumbled and sealed they keep their color.

Fascinating right ? I choose to enhance the beauty of this stone by adding these lovely labradorites that flashes blue lights as they move.
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